Matt Lamination, Spot UV Business Card ARTWORK SPECIFICATIONS


Matt Lamination, Spot UV Business Card


If for some reason your artwork is not ready for print, there will be set up fees implemented. This is due to the fact that it takes time to perform the necessary operations/procedures to get a file "print ready".

If artwork is provided to us print-ready, you are 100% responsible for the accuracy of your layouts. Please proof-read all layout proofs carefully before submitting artwork in PDF format. Any other formats that are supplied will need to be converted and you will be charged for this process.

spot-varnish-business-card-pretoria8 Quick Tips:


Please make sure all elements in your artwork are CMYK. Any RGB elements present will result in artwork being sent back for amendments and could delay the "Ready to Print" process.

Watch Your CMYK Values:

Please make sure all elements in your artwork are CMYK. Any RGB elements present will result in artwork being sent back for amendments and could delay the "Ready to Print" process. When choosing your CMYK values, remember that the printed outcome could be very different to what you see on your screen. To avoid unwanted colour shifts, try keeping your breakdowns as simple as possible. Keep in mind the litho print process where each colour is laid down separately and mix together to create the final colour.

Light Coloured Backgrounds:

When trying to achieve a light colour, we suggest including a small amount of K value. This is to help ensure that the colour comes out consistent across the whole background.

Black and Grey colours:

When making up a black or grey, please do so only using the K value. This helps in avoiding unwanted colour shifts. For a true black, please use the breakdown "C40 M30 Y20 K100".


When sending print ready artwork, please make sure all fonts are converted to outlines or rasterized. Artwork with text present cannot be sent to print. Also try avoiding font sizes and line weights that are too small and thin. This could result in the text been un-readable.


Please make sure all photos are High-Res. Photo's should be lightened by 10-15% (You may need to lighten further if the image is too dark) to account for colour shifting. Business cards which use individual photos such as property agents, these are best taken on a white background with flash on. If you want to print a black and white image, please make sure that the image is monochromatic so that the image is made up only using the K value.

Flatten Artwork:

If you have any gradients, watermarks or overlaying elements, please flatten the artwork.

Proof your orders correctly:

When confirming for print, please check all details in the artwork are correct (names, numbers address etc). Also make sure to check your artwork against all of our artwork guidelines below and make sure you are happy with all your colour breakdowns


Your document size should be the exact trim size plus a 2 mm bleed. (eg: If a finished, cut business card is 90mm x 54mm, then artwork must be supplied on a 92mm x 56mm document.) Even if the file has no bleed with white edges the bleed must be included. There should not be more canvas size than is required.


Safe Area:

The safe area is exactly 3mm inside of the trim area. This is essential for avoiding any information from being cut in the trimming process.

Matt Lamination, Spot UV Business Card ARTWORK SPECIFICATION


Please make sure all artwork is started and finished in CMYK to avoid any colour shifting. No pantones, spot colours or RGB. Check your values carefully before submitting any artwork. Certain colours may look different on your computer screen in comparison to the final printed product.


Borders are accepted, but please be aware that if the border is too close to the trim line it may be cut off. There is also no guarentee that the cut size will be even on all sides of the border.


Please ensure that overprint is turned off. This may cause unexpected results on the final product.

Colour Breakdown

Please ensure that when there are variations of grey in artwork that the colour values are made up of ONLY K value. When printing black, please ensure that it only uses the K value and no other colours. Using any Cyan, Magenta or Yellow can lead to the printed work having a greenish tint to it.

When printing all other colours, other than black, try use as little K value as possible or none at all. When colour shifting occurs, the presence of too much K value can cause the artwork to darken considerably.

Example of colour Breakdown

Below is an example of the colour shifting to expect when printing on Matt Laminated Business cards. Please note that the colours will appear different on different monitors and this serves to give you an idea of colour shifting that occurs in print and is not exact.

Matt Laminated Spot UV Business Cards

Gloss and Matt Lamination:

Orders on Gloss and Matt Lamination may cause artwork to be slightly darker or greyer. We advise colour to be lightened by 10% - 15% before being submitted. However, there is no guarantee that your colours will turn out 100% correct.

UV spot requirements:

When creating a UV mask, a third and fourth page must be included. This file must be 100% black and white. No other colours, gradients or shading. The black will represent where the UV mask will be on the original artwork, almost like a template. Font Sizes under 10 pts are not recommended.